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Topic: Competition Winner!

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Competition Winner!

The time has come to announce the winner of our competition to win a signed picture from the lovely Michael Socha!

First of all thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to enter, all the entries were brilliant and very much appreciated!

It was wonderful to read about why you all loved being human biggrin

One entry in particular stood out for all of us and a unanimous vote was given to choose the winner.

And the winner is.....

FIFI!!! (Lynne)

Congratulations Fifi!! We really loved your entry and here is it for everyone else to enjoy xxx



It Nearly Rhymes, and Everything.

being human is

laughter and tears.

it's fear,


tea and hoovering.

it's a deep, hollow ache in the pit of your stomach.

it's breaking your heart,

falling apart;

shadow and night.

it's a warm, fuzzy glow in the core of your soul.

it's banter, and bromance,

bittersweet romance;

sunshine and light.

it's hiding from monsters, facing your demons,

striving for good and combating evil.

it's being alone,

lost in the wilderness;

living with friends,

finding a home.

it's little things,

like party rings,

pizza, telly, beer and jelly.

going to work, the pub, the cafe;

being happy

changing nappies.

it's dancing and singing,

losing and winning.

it's lies and deception,

and dreams of redemption.

it's the sun and the moon;

it's betrayal and trust;

it's hope and despair and returning to dust.

it's violence, death, friendship, sex,

blood and love

and life.....

that's why I love Being Human.



"What none of you realised is the desire to be human is the end, your not wasting your time Tom, youve already won"

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Thanks guys!
Really should've said that on here before now - sorry!

I'd had the phrase "lies and deception and dreams of redemption" going round my head since the end of s5, and when I read about the competition "pizza, telly, beer and jelly" popped into my head - I took that as a sign that I needed to do this.....but, although I often scribble bits and pieces, I haven't tried to produce a completed piece of writing for a long, long time and I really wasn't sure I could do it. As it turned out, the hardest bit was hitting the 'submit post' button!
So I am hugely grateful that you nudged me into writing this - and very surprised, and gratified you liked it! I shall carefully stash Michael's autograph away with Damien's. Maybe one day I'll manage to score a hat trick and get Kate's too.

Hope that doesn't read too much like an oscar speech. lol! Thanks again....


But there was this.

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I'm really glad you submitted it fifi, it's lovely and sums up being human wonderfully :D


In this little enclave of the lost I witnessed the very best of being human.

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