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  1. Shirley Bassey.

  2. Two. (the teeth)

  3. “Thou shalt not hide stakes in my shrubbery.”

  4. That She's tiny.

  5. Five.

  6. That of a German composer.

  7. Brown.

  8. “Raise him up.”

  9. Insults her tea. (anaemic)

  10. How to swaddle.

  11. Being Drunk.

  12. Annie's leggings.

  13. People, Blood, Small Dogs, Budgies and of course Kia-Ora.

  14. Green.

  15. A minute to Twelve O'clock – (The clock by the wolfs head.)

  16. Hal's left pinkie.

  17. Pearls Grief.

  18. Fifty years.

  19. Promises made to disembodied spirits about looking after someone.

  20. More Enjoyable.

  21. Anti-clockwise.

  22. In a cot – symbolic?




  1. They were on the left side of the road.

  2. Pearl – around her neck.

  3. Julius Caesar.

  4. Leo's. Or the green one.

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  1. Blocked the bridges, turned vehicles on their side and painted crosses on them.

  2. Stephan.

  3. A cuddle with the baby.

  4. Crossbows and Catapults.

  5. Eating his parents, a name.

  6. Brighton.

  7. White.

  8. Animal carrier.

  9. A good-bye.

  10. Ammonia.

  11. Lisa Monkton.

  12. That he's anybodies Father or “You ain't nobodies Father”

  13. The bullhorn.

  14. A red scarf. (metaphor anyone?)

  15. Five.

  16. Annie, Swearing.

  17. Eleven.

  18. Under Regus's robe.

  19. How she's stabbed in the kidneys.

  20. With a severed head rolling towards the vampires.

  21. The black in his eyes.

  22. The left.



  1. 4.

  2. Familiars.

  3. The dead sea scrolls.

  4. Black.

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1.Ivan, Wyndam, Jacob, Hetty and of course Mr Snow.
2.Throwing up.
3.Mopping up the bogs.
4.A wooden enema.
6.Five more minutes free from food poisoning.
8.The can of Larger.
9.The one in the middle.
11.Lex Luthor, Green Goblin.
12.The Boss at the dog food factory who war a.......
14.Red. (And if you got this wrong.)
15.The fact they are whispering in the dark behind the counter.
16.Performing Monkey. Wally.
17.Swinging doors.
18.With a T-Shirt against Twilight.
19.Think and Breath.
20.A throne.
21.Hal. (That'll teach her to taunt George with Eve.)
23.Annie giving a stake to Michaela.
24.A La Lalique (not too sure how it's spelt)

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3.Listening to You and Yours.
4.A sparkler.
5.Word perfect.
7.Star Trek.
8.“That's not me glaring it's, it's just me looking.”
9.A napkin.
10.The curl in her upper lip.
11.The blanket is upside down.
12.She misses her old friends.
13.Acting like a kid.
14.Topper annuals.
15.“He started it.”
16.Breaking his picture of Leo.
17.The fireplace.
18.Constable Albie Price.
19.A friend when he needs one.
20.One good one.
21.Cutting their throats.
22.That they're made for each other.
23.A waxwork, theories, copycats and of course terrible films.
24.That you're supposed to blow them out.

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1.Annabella Royston-Howe with Johnny Powell.
2.He's too much of a knob.
3.Sordid School Mistress Seduces Student.
6.Ten minutes.
7.Hal's domino.
8.Himself and his guns.
9.To act as if Adam isn't there.
10.People being attacked by invisible men, objects floating in thin air.
13.Two slaps to the face.
14.Beautiful and cruel, Yvonne's Mother.
15.Wolf not dog.
16.Low self-esteem.
17.Just a bit.
19.The Vulcan Hotel.
21.Blame her.
22.It wasn't on purpose.
23.Tom building a swimming pool.
24.P R O O F.

notes on questions

1.Annabelle and Johnny – Anna being Annies real name and we know who John is.

This episode is a preview of sorts for Cutlers brilliant plan going down the drain.

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1.Star Trek – To Boldly go.
2.Depressingly Predictable.
3.Scotland, Cornwall and Wales (or Cardiff)
4.Savaging a baby the previous night.
5.Her teething ring.
6.Her partners asthma attack.
7.Learn anything.
8.The £6.70 in his pocket.
9.University Campus.
10.No drugs, No Ki-Ora.
11.Two cushions.
13.Her left shoulder.
14.No tongues.
15.Dusting/polishing – or just cleaning.
16.A bag or bags.
18.Share a room.
19.William Stakes-sphere.
20.A twelve Try rout.
21.Fetch, Allison does indeed 'fetch' the stake.
23.His ex and new husband playing Puppy Love.


Kane says he had a cage fight with a werewolf once, so what would have happened to McNair if he hadn't been scratched is answered.

Plus You broke my heart Fido, you broke my heart. That is what Kane wishes he'd said.

The woolly Mammoth – both a stuffed toy in Allison's room as well as where she suggests Hal and Alex go.

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1.On the 20th.
2.Only yesterday.
3.The Observer. (On the outside looking in.)
5.“A drunk who never buys a round”.
6.Proper words.
7.At least fifty thousand.
8.Proper dead.
9.An ungodly hour.
10.Forest Gump.
11.Held back.
12.How irritating she could be.
13.Chopped up and sprinkled over the HMS Belfast.
16.Alex is upright or Rachel is lying down.
18.The slow clap.
19.The knife.
20.She was jowly.
21.That she was a good Mother.
22.To make sure he gets there safely.
23.She jumps wrong way.
24.Tom's howl.


As Cutler got recruited in 1950 we now know he'd only been a Lawyer for 2 to 3 years when he was targeted. Unhardened and unfinished.

This is an episode of what could have been

Hal the monster

Tom the killer

Annie blown away in the wind

And Eve the puppet.

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1.November 2022.
2.Beating someone up.
3.1779. (Same year as a failed armada.)
4.As big as a bed sheet.
5.They die.
6.“Always be kind and polite and have materials to build a bomb.”
7.A day of firsts and lasts.
8.Evil Morris Dancers. (For some reason I want the T-Shirt with that motto.))
9.Opportunist or Traitor.
10.An Armchair.
11.To be struk by lightning, or fall down a well.
12.Not being able to change cloths. “But I look like a Girrl”
13.37 seconds.
14.A Van, van.
15.In the hope he'll win.
16.The closing of the front door.
17.Guides Hetty out.
19.A living thing.
20.Mr Snow's “NOOoooooooo!”
21.follow rules.
22.Bow ties are cool. (Okay a Dr Who thing but I couldn't resist.)
23.A cup of tea.
24.Defrosting the freezer.

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