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Series 3 episode 1 “Lia” Quiz


  1. When given economic truths by the estate agent how did the landlord respond?


  2. Where is Annie being sent?


  3. What does Nina call Mitchell?


  4. Where does George say Annie is?


  5. Why did McNair like the English Patient?


  6. What is the order of things going wrong for George and Nina enjoying themselves?


  7. How does Nina define the plan they are using to get Annie back?


  8. What question from Sean makes Mitchell upset?


  9. Can you name all the hints Lia gives to Mitchell about how he knows her?


  10. What card game was being played in the trenches?


  11. Due to wires in communication being crossed where is George told to look for Tom?


  12. Sally's method of death answers what question for Lia?


  13. We know that McNair comes through the yellow curtain and Paul Jameson the Red but what is hanging by the side?


  14. How old 'aledgedly' was the police station receptionist?


  15. What colour was the writing on the wall for George and Nina?


  16. How many men were killed in the box tunnel?


  17. How many children did/does the train driver have?


  18. What does Mitchell say he was addicted to?


  19. What pushes George and Nina apart in the morning?


  20. When is Lia's next appointment?


  21. What news disappoints Annie on returning to this side of the door?


  22. How does Mitchell define Lia's Prophecy?


  23. What does Nina give to Annie?


  24. How does Tom say he found where McNair was being Kept.

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Series 3 episode 2 Adams Family quiz

1.Who does Adam's Dad have a crush on?

2.Where does Annie compare to Purgatory?

3.What does Nina say she'll be dealing with to mess with George?

4.How does Nina define the Goldie comment?

5.What name sends Mitchell's job interview into blasphemy?

6.What does Adam call George?

7.How long will Adam be staying with them?

8.Richard is adamant that Mitchell is not to what?

9.One perk of being dead for Annie is she no longer has to what?

10.What is staying clean for Mitchell?

11.What according to Adam does Annie love?

12.What will Adam always be to his parents?

13.Walking into the amusement arcade what does the girl exclaim?

14.Why is Adams intended snack so pale?

15.What didn't Richard store the fresh blood in?

16.What is the problem with George sitting down?

17.What road did George, Nina and Adam take to Richard and Emma's?

18.On the news report they mention a Rugby star what is his name and position?

19.What is the interviewers first name, and how do you pronounce her surname?

20.How do Tina and Liam make their money?

21.What is preventing Nina Hi-Fiving George?

22.What does Richard walk right into?

23.What should Annie stop doing according to Mitchell?

24.What does Mitchell say will keep Adam clean?

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Series 3 episode 3 'Type 4' quiz

1.What is Sasha's first question and to whom?

2.What time does George wake up for his interrupted pee?

3.What does Sasha suggest that Annie can do?

4.Where does Nina first suspect the smell is coming from?

5.What caused Sasha's death?

6.How does Nina surprise Mitchell?

7.Where and How does Mitchell find out that they might be responsible for Sasha's condition?

8.How many tests did Nina go through before accepting that she is pregnant?

9.What is the result of George putting his foot down?

10.What is Annie's keep calm Mantra?

11.What does Graham say he is to Mitchell?

12.Sasha has what in the morning?

13.What supernatural species does Sasha really not believe in?

14.What was Graham's job when he was alive?

15.What about Sasha's house unnerves Annie?

16.What was the result for Nina of her mums actions and words?

17.What word does Annie never use?

18.What does Graham use as a activity to hide his threat to Mitchell?

19.What was Sasha to the man she was dancing with?

20.What is Nina's role on the night out?

21.What does Annie want Mitchell to get from the hospital?

22.What in Grahem's mind will keep Mitchell from killing him?

23.What does Nina offer to have with George?

24.What type of things has Mitchell done?

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Series 3 episode 4 The Pack quiz

1.When will Tom be allowed to run outside of the van?

2.What is the other suspect for the animal remains in the forest?

3.What does Annie suggest might be Mitchell's problem in the bedroom?

4.How long does McNair say he's been in the forest?

5.What word can't Annie read and what word freaks Mitchell out?

6.Can you name all the 'get out of awkward situation' excuses given?

7.How do McNair and Tom steal the chicken?

8.What is written on the dolls house?

9.What does Tom leave on George and Nina's bedside?

10.What action of Mitchell's proves the baseness of vampires?

11.On finding out that the baby might survive the full moon what must George now learn?

12.What does Mitchell take from McNairs van?

13.What book does McNair chose to pick up?

14.How long did McNairs Grandfather live for?

15.What does Richard call George and Nina?

16.Where did Mitchell pick up a taste for Schnapps?

17.What animal does Sadie liken Mitchell to?

18.Why is Whitehead important?

19.What unknowingly accurate slur does Richard make about conception of George and Nina's baby?

20.What does Annie note about McNair's entrance?

21.What type of key is a Chubb?

22.What wasn't McNair in Richards eyes?

23.What did Tom and McNair do in wolf form after giving up going for Mitchell?

24.What question is on Herrick's mind?

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Series 3 episode 5 The longest day quiz

1.Where was Herrick and what was he doing when he was found?

2.What game is not popular with Nina?

3.After catching up to the werewolves in the lift what name does the orderly have for George?

4.What does Mitchell break to make a stake?

5.What proves to Annie that there is a social worker at the door?

6.What are Nina's instructions to George when he answers the door?

7.George points out what alternate use for the beach scene on the wall?

8.Where do the druids work?

9.What was the buzzer for?

10.What explanation is given for Herrick's lack of reflection?

11.Why would Wendy's mum have liked Cara?

12.What explanation is there for the lack of bed in Annie's room.

13.When Cara runs by what action are Mitchell and Nina both doing?

14.How does Annie define Cara's story of becoming a vampire?

15.Cara is what to Herrick when she cries?

16.What doesn't Mitchell want to give to Annie?

17.What doesn't get the effect George was banking on?

18.What does Mitchell do when he hears Wendy broken down by Nina?

19.What word does Mitchell use that earns the elbow?

20.Why does George have to stop Mitchell?

21.What is Annie?

22.What is Nina's first comment when looking at the journal?

23.What does George think is the reason for Nina's state on coming down stairs?

24.When was Herrick made a vampire?

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Series 3 episode 6 Daddy Ghoul quiz

1.Which side of Mitchell's face did Herrick dent?

2.Apart from being sweet George is also?

3.What is Annie's Ghost prerogative?

4.Mitchell's Blood just isn't what?

5.Where in the house can you eves drop secretly on the bathroom?

6.George Snr didn't what George would return?

7.What word upsets George more than any other?

8.Why did Herrick carve the hole in his floor?

9.Nancy is the first person to remark on what?

10.What can't be eaten as past of the Atkins diet?

11.Annie can see that Mitchell is what by Nancy's visit?

12.The 'code' vampires live by is not what?

13.According to Nina what was was her first meeting with George like?

14.What nickname did Nancy's boss not care for?

15.What did George's mum think had happened to George?

16.What colour post-it was left for Nancy?

17.What gives away the fact that George Snr is still alive?

18.When not using the term threefold George Snr pratice attempts come across as what?

19.What banner was unavailable?e

20.What was Nina's reaction to the punch?

21.What props are used to show that Mr Louge was a gym teacher?

22.What did George Snr do with Titanic?

23.What can't Herrick do for Nancy and what can he do?

24.Mitchell after taking the book back from Nancy burns it but what is Nancy's reaction afterwards?

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Series 3 episode 7 Though Heavens Fall quiz

1.What does Herrick say on learning that McNair is now a werewolf?

2.Who is Bruno still pining for?

3.What TV shows do 'sick' people watch?

4.What defines Herrick?

5.What actions of Tom upset Nina and have her send him away?

6.What should Tom have according to George?

7.What was Nancy not 'technically' doing in the toilets?

8.What can Mitchell see old Herrick doing?

9.What adjectives does George use to define Daisy?

10.When Mitchell and Nancy have their chat what's between them?

11.Herrick says that he cannot what with Nancy?

12.What does Herrick do when Nancy enters the attic?

13.What did Nancy steal?

14.McNair does not need Toms help with what when he's reading?

15.What time do the werewolves leave the house?

16.Who found Sally's body?

17.Nancy briefly escapes Cooper using which of Annie's methods?

18.How does McNair define Marco's fighting style?

19.What suggestion hits close to the mark for George and Nina?

20.How many weeks does Nina look like she's been pregnant?

21.What does Mitchell hold when contemplating fighting the police?

22.What does Nancy tell Herrick to get?

23.What do the police do as they take Mitchell into the station?

24.What had people been saying about Herrick?

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Series 3 episode 8 Wolf Shaped Bullet quiz

1.What is Annie willing to get for Mitchell?

2.What did Seth know what did he do?

3.On arriving at HH what Tom does what?

4.What do we not find out about the young policeman's death?

5.What did McNair have trouble remembering?

6.How does Herrick define Mitchell's change in behaviour since George ripped his head off?

7.What colour is Lia's scarf?

8.When relating his story to Herrick Mitchell calls Bristol another name, what name?

9.Werewolves are according to Lia the opposite in availability to what nationality of what job?

10.What past action of Mitchell's sends George after him?

11.Which entrance does Tom use when he makes his dusty big entrance?

12.Why was Annie released in the first place?

13.What couldn't Lia's mum bare?

14.Who is Lia now looking for?

15.How is Nina brought back?

16.Where was Herrick planning to set the revolution off from?

17.What did Herrick never understand?

18.How many shots are fired to kill the scapegoat?

19.How does George now describe the monthly change to Annie?

20.What has become according to Nina Mitchell's currency?

21.What has been compromised according to Mitchell?

22.What is new about the victims that Mitchell can see?

23.How old (at least) is Wyndham?

24.What was the last thing that Mitchell knew?

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