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Topic: The old Quizzes.

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The old Quizzes.

Series 2 episode 1 quiz Cure and Contagion


  1. How many Attackers does Daisy claim to have faced?


  2. How does Nina describe Georges State when she got scratched?


  3. How long have Daisy and Ivan been back?


  4. According to George what did Herrick taste like?


  5. Apart from Fido what else does Ivan call George?


  6. What Should Annie spend her first pay check on?


  7. Who according to Annie is the New Found Out's main competition?


  8. What is not Hugh's name?


  9. Where did Lucy claim to have worked?


  10. How much does Mitchell get paid?


  11. What is the brand name of Nina's top?


  12. What is the first thing refused to Richard Galvin?


  13. Where are the nearest houses to George when he wakes up?


  14. According to Nina what is the reason for Mitchell wanting to help her?


  15. Name the goldfish.


  16. What trait does Daisy's Daughter share with her mother?


  17. How drunk are George and Nina according to George?


  18. What does Annie hope that Saul is apart from Hansom?


  19. What is Kemp quote in the room of George and Nina?


  20. What excuse does Nina give for not wanting sex with George?


  21. What threat does Nina give Annie to keep quiet about her being a werewolf? and why?


  22. What has the Vin Diesel fan changed about his appearance?

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Series 2 episode 2 quiz Serve God, Love Me and Mend

1.How many girls are dancing on top of a car?

2.What was Saul arrested for?

3.What name apart from Count Spectacular is used for the vampire attacker?

4.What does George give Nina to drink?

5.Who does Saul think set him up?

6.What according to Nina can George and Mitchell teach her?

7.How many types of upholstery cleaner does George use?

8.What round are they on in Perfect recall?

9.What did Dan look when he died?

10.According to Kemp what must infections be?

11.How does Nina feel?

12.How long has Quinn been working for the Vampires?

13.What did Ivan want to be something he could understand?

14.How does Annie attempt to calm Mitchell down?

15.What did Carl want to get from the flat?

16.Who did Nina meet in the Morgue?

17.Who did Hugh fight Tessa Sanderson with as a kid?

18.What should you check to see if someone's alive according to Mitchell?

19.On being dead what is the first thing Saul notices?

20.What does Hugh plan to do to Saul?

21.Where has someone been sick?

22.For how long was Saul technically dead?

23.According to local residents Annie and Saul are what?

24.What is Nina doing when Kemp comes up to her?

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Quiz for episode 3 series 2 Long Live the King

1.Who does the Magistrate in the cave suggest they start with?

2.How does Lucy define her praying in the hospital chapel?

3.In the note up by George Annie's handwriting was?

4.What of his does George say Annie find useful?

5.The chief constable asks Mitchell to what?

6.What does Daisy ask Mitchell?

7.What does even a child know?

8.The girls in the shopping centre are messing with the red headed girl what does she say will happen to her?

9.Which pump is sticky?

10.What does Wilson call the contents of the brown envelope meant for the coroner?

11.What term does Annie use to suggest that Kirsty dyes her hair?

12.How does Kirsty describe her looks in the lonely hearts advert?

13.Where are the coroners kids photographed?

14.What is the bald vampires name?

15.What was Annie's worst date?

16.How does Georges review the German film?

17.How does Lucy describe her day?

18.How does Annie describe Georges look for his date?

19.What does Mitchell define as a responsibility of friends?

20.On his way to Kirsty to get her to change her mind both Annie and george have different ideas on what to do, what are they?

21.We all see that Daisy doesn't join in the chant for Mitchell's kingship but what does she do?

22.What metaphor does Hugh employ?

23.How does Nina define what she is going to do?

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Wonderful Ewan thanks so much for posting!! Now that I have finally met all of my university deadlines I hope you post more so I can have a little go at them! Xx


"What none of you realised is the desire to be human is the end, your not wasting your time Tom, youve already won"

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being human series 2 episode 4Educating Creature Quiz.


  1. What would make sense about the sample Lucy is working on in the flashback?


  2. What looked boring according to Annie?


  3. What does Annie threaten to do to Sykes if he doesn't help her?


  4. How many Sausages is George frying?


  5. What does the girl/potential food source ask Campbell for?


  6. What did Ivan's alcoholic friend die of?


  7. How did the Blacksmith dabble in the S&M community?


  8. What dose Annie believe is not healthy for George to not be doing?


  9. What does Sykes call Mitchell and George – regarding Annie?


  10. How long has Campbell been without blood?


  11. On Sam's computer in which hand does Molly have her witches wand?


  12. What does Annie ask if Sykes is wearing?


  13. What offer does Mitchell make to Lucy?


  14. In the chamber Nina's first symptom is a nose bleed but when does it start?


  15. What did George 'Used to' have?


  16. According to Sykes what do Ghosts have to look out for from TV's and Radio's?


  17. When Annie tastes through George how does it feel for George?


  18. According to Ivan what type of bird now has an excuse to be scared of Boy Bands?


  19. What excuse does George use to a car driver to explain his attack.


  20. What course does Mitchell suggest George could teach.


  21. What does Annie tell the men behind the door they have lost?


  22. What according to Kemp are they trying to do for werewolves?


  23. What does George write on the bathroom mirror?


  24. What name does Sykes give the men behind the Door?

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Series 2 episode 5 The looking glass quiz

1.In the opening flashback what did Herrick forget?

2.What political reason forces Mitchell to clean up?

3.What was the first crime Mitchell is seen committing?

4.The paedophiles first offence in 2005 was for what?

5.Annie might be dead but she is still where?

6.Where does Molly suggest George can sit?

7.What killed the mother and child Ghost?

8.Campbell talks about his ex and she has a scar on which side of her face?

9.Who didn't Mitchell kill?

10.What should Mitchell bring to Lucy's tea oh sorry Supper?

11.What is the first thing that Mitchell says that is believed by his hostage?

12.What does George call the baby?

13.Herrick recommends the reef knot because Mitchell used which knot?

14.According to Mitchell Nina is someone that George what?

15.What is the emotion descried by Mitchell to describe withdrawal?

16.Where does new George grab life?

17.What is the Ghost baby's real name? Not what?

18.In his speech to Sam what is Gamboge?

19.What is the threat that The chief Inspector issues to Mitchell to get him to kill the kiddie fiddler?

20.Herrick calls Mitchell's little scratch of concious a what?

21.What is the name of the vampire who was helping Wilson reach T?

22. Wilson describes the possible killing arrangement 'names and soldiers' to Mitchell as?

23.What is Lucy's reaction when Mitchell confesses what he is to her?

24.What is Mitchell doing when he meets Josie in the street?

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Series 2 episode 6 In the Morning quiz

1.When Kemp was still a parish priest his Parishioners had a nickname for him what was it?

2.What is on the Right (our right) of Lucy's mirror in the morning?

3.Where does Lucy go to confess her sins in the morning?

4.What type of houses does Annie state that George has been seeing?

5.How does Annie describe the Music of Alan Cortez's physic experience?

6.When Lucy confesses to Kemp what does she admit to fearing?

7.What type of Dog is Tiny.

8.How is Robyn's Uniform different to to living Usherettes?

9.Where is Georges 'Training' supposed to be?

10.When Alan fell of the stage how many stitches did he get?

11.What sounds 'insufficient' to Lucy?

12.When George is searching for his Mobile phone re-charger he finds something that keeps his attention what is is?

13.What does Robin point out that Annie defines as picking holes in the operation?

14.When asked What is Annie's reason for helping Alan?

15.What most scientific method does Annie employ to decide whose first to talk to Alan?

16.How will Ivan get the vampires to arrive for the meeting?

17.According to Molly Where would her mother sit if she was in her class?

18.Where did Annie learn to make the paper flowers?

19.What fear was there for Carmen in visiting Annie's Grave?

20.In Molly's dream his eyes were what and what did they do?

21.What did Annie feel she would be if she went on tour with Alan?

22.What tune does Robin hum?

23.Ivan explains the reason he is not on the wagon how?

24.When the bomb is triggered by Lloyd the phone says one thing the bomb itself another what title for which device?

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Series 2 episode 7 Damage quiz

1.In the flashback at the beginning of the episode Daisy has been a widow for how long?

2.According to the digital clock What time does George wake up?

3.In the kitchen with George Sam mentions George watching the real Hustle she makes a reference to Annie how?

4.What did Daisy bring to the funeral parlour?

5.What does Annie hope that Nina has returned to do?

6.When told about Kemp and Jagget George defines the pair of them how?

7.What time is Kemp going to 'officially' visit the Pink house?

8.In the café what are Daisy's original plans on finding out who attacked them?

9.What does it say on Georges mug?

10.Before Kemp's visit what is Annie's nickname for him?

11.How does George liken the chamber in medical practice?

12.In the street how does Nina define the cage?

13.Stephen the coroner recites a childhood rhyme to Mitchell and Daisy “Here comes the candle to light you to bed” can you complete it?

14.What is Molly playing when she sees the full moon in the playground?

15.When Hennessey remarks on Annie's power Kemp objects with a cough to what?

16.In Georges Run for the house his vision is primarily monochrome apart from what colour?

17.In the train carriage one man is eating he has one thing that all the other lack what is this?

18.On waking in the cage what does George need help with?

19.When George goes to Sam how does she define the incident as being?

20.Mitchell tells Daisy they wont be alone in their fight back how?

21.When Mitchell is Blood Drunk he is glad that George is leaving because of what?

22.Where does it hurt Mitchell when he tries to close in on Father 'Sarky' Mark?

23.What doesn't Mitchell get?

24.How does Lucy Great George's entrance to the facility?

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Series 2 episode 8 All Gods Children quiz

1.'In thy name will they cast out Devils; They shall speak with new tongues' is the bible quote on the Placard carried out by the God squad but where in the bible does it say it's from?

2.How many times before had George had to tell Hennessey that he could hear Annie?

3.Three seems to be an Important number for Kemp three tapes and three items belonging to Lucy can you name all three?

4.When Lloyd is queered on the body bags meant for George and Nina when their curing the type threes how does he define how the cure works?

5.Who is the first Bible boy to die?

6.How when talking to George outside the Chamber does Lucy refer to writing a book on intelligent design?

7.When George and Nina are in the room together what does Nina suggest were the reasons for George coming to the CenSSA headquarters?

8.In her message on the answer machine how Annie says what is a worse hell than any thing the Guardians have?

9.On his way with Nina George stops to talk to Annie how long did he say he'd be?

10.According to Kemp when he reaches the lift (elevator) how far away is Mitchell?

11.As they are in the waiting room Nina says that she can't tell what apart yet?

12.What according to Mitchell after pointing out to Lucy how reductive her view of the world is what does he point out is the difference between them?

13.Who does Annie call for as Kemp sends her through the door?

14.What does Amy McBride do to seriously add to Lloyd's terror?

15.What does Kemp admit to wishing for Mitchell to feel?

16.What can't George be for Mitchell?

17.According to the report on the radio how many did Mitchell and Daisy kill in the box tunnel?

18.Why according to Mitchell can't they go back to the Bristol house?

19.What does Nina offer Lucy when offered reparation?

20.What does Lucy notice when Mitchell offers her his jacket?

21.As Nina puts it Lucy has done something to Mitchell and George being too nice what then does she have to be?

22.In the courtyard Kemp has a new plan what is it?

23.What are Annie's last words as she fades from the TV screen.

24.In the clearing Daisy is feeling what due to blood loss?

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That do?

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