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Topic: The old Quizzes.

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The old Quizzes.

being human series one episode five Where the Wild Things are quiz.

1.What shirt is Owen wearing when he identifies Annie's body?

2.How many jars of jam do they have now?

3.Apart from being a vampires church what other benefit does the funeral parlour have?

4.What does Annie want apart from Owen's confession?

5.What were Herrick's buildings like?

6.What was Mitchell buying before he see's Josie?

7.When Owen sees Annie for the first time what does he drop first?

8.Which Kennedy has just farted?

9.What does the new vampire Duncan Johnson say on waking?

10.How does Annie great Mitchell on his return from the funeral parlour?

11.Mitchell calls it evolution what does Josie call it?

12.What apart from removing the unconscious Janey's footwear does Annie do?

13.Where were the Bronte sisters seen?

14.What is George doing before he runs into Nina?

15.What according to Josie are the vampires making their invasion or coup sound?

16.What was Richard Turner's source of income?

17.What weapons does George have to fight the vampires?

18.What stands in Seth's way of attacking George?

19.What unit of measurement does Herrick use for the shedding of blood?

20.What is Seth's last word?

21.What did living Lauren suffer from?

22.What does the desk sergeant require after talking to Owen

23.What does Herrick use to stab Mitchell?

24.What's on the TV as Mitchell is staked?

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Being Human pilot episode Quiz


  1. Lauren was talking to friends who work in which department of the hospital?


  2. What dog name does Mitchell call George by?


  3. When Seth refers to the coroners findings on Lauren's cause of death what does he call him?


  4. What is Julia's surname?


  5. What is George doing in Julia's room?


  6. When George agrees to Mitchell that they need to find a place what is his condition?


  7. How far away from the University is the house?


  8. What dose Mitchell offer to do for George as they enter the house for the first time?


  9. What is Mitchell doing when he sees the chicken?


  10. How does Annie refer to Georges other form.


  11. The Doctor who tells Mitchell about the isolation room first thoughts about who was locked up there was who?


  12. What according to George in his 'little chat with Peter Julia's new fiancée' what is the worst thing?


  13. When George asks Annie about the other side how does she first describe the other side?


  14. When Mitchell wakes up with Annie there how long does he define as a long time?


  15. What area is the isolation room in?


  16. In the isolation room how many beds are laid out in a row?


  17. According to Herrick who did their vampires ancestors used to walk with?


  18. In the series both George and Nina use the phrase it's coming to mark the start of their change but how does George announce it to Julia?


  19. According to Julia as she leaves what has George never realised?


  20. To avoid answer Slytherin what does he suggest his fate in Hogwarts would be what?


  21. In the Ally outside the pub Lauren wants to start?

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Being human series 1 episode 1 Flotsam and Jetsam quiz

1.According to Annie's opening what does everyone deserve?

2.What is the name of the pizza company that delivers to the house?

3.How does Seth describe A+ blood to Mitchell?

4.In the canteen when George tells Mitchell he has to hurry how long has he got left?

5.When George is running around the forest running into people he meets Tully who asks him what question?

6.Which of Mitchell's shins did Annie kick?

7.When Owen is sitting down with a beer what can be seen on the walls behind his head?

8.When Cara is still working in the canteen and human how does she tell who are the parents of the children in the children's ward?

9.When Becca has changed her shampoo to minty what did it used to be?

10.When Lauren finds out what George is how does she find it?

11.In the house Janney wants to come with Owen to see him do what?

12.When George first saw a werewolf what was he?

13.What embarrassing secret does Mitchell admit to Becca?

14.What did Lauren think she would have needed if she had fed of George?

15.How does Mitchell find George and Becca in the alleyway?

16.When Becca is brought in how does George fear it ends?

17.After Herrick says goodbye to Mitchell with the phrase 'be seeing you' what does Seth add?

18.In the flat how does George define a vampires personality?

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Being Human series 1 episode 2 Tully quiz

1.What portentous phrase is used by Mitchell in his opening monologue following 'Spread by teeth and claw'?

2.George accepts the cloths from Tully but what item of clothing doesn't he want?

3.Who lives next door to Carol?

4.How long ago did Tully find Georges cloths?

5.What does Tully cook for him self in the morning?

6.Why doesn't Annie want to sleep.

7.Where does Doctor Newell (the male chicken) work?

8.According to Tully what should you always do?

9.Lauren asks what about rules on the doorstep?

10.What is Lauren's reason for humanity not being worth much?

11.What is the time in the café?

12.Who does Hannah live with?

13.What does Mitchell do in Casablanca?

14.When looking for George what mistake did Nina make?

15.Annie is glad she didn't die in two ways what are they?

16.What did Lauren say was funny to Herrick?

17.When Nina challenges George for bothering Mrs James who walks round them?

18.What racist statement does Mitchell make about Tully?

19.How does Mitchell describe kissing Annie

20.What can't werewolves cross in wolf state?

21.How does George describe the curse?

22.What does Annie see as a cry for help?

23.What does Tully say George will one day surrender?

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Series one Episode three Ghost Town quiz.

1.What Direction is George turning when he 'Smashes the granny'?

2.What does Lauren describe the DVD as?

3.When Mitchell gets Annie to agree how does he invite George along?

4.What number bus took Annie to the graveyard?

5.What do George and Mitchell get mixed up when Annie returns from her 'date' with Gilbert?

6.What is fun?

7.What was the lecture about when the projector caught fire?

8.How does Gilbert describe Annie's life and death?

9.Where was Janey's cousin heroin secreted?

10.What colour is Owen and Janey's front door?

11.Why did Lauren kill her first boyfriend?

12.The lighter was the last at the off licence not what?

13.What recipe does George plan to try out?

14.What daytime program does Annie watch?

15.What did Gilbert's mate sing

16.Apparently what isn't it till tomorrow?

17.How many times did Mitchell at least watch the DVD

18.Owen got how many more than Minty?

19.What does Annie use to write on the bathroom mirror?

20.Why did Owen push Annie down the stairs?

21.What's wrong with the blood?

22.What does Gilbert do before going through the door?

23.How long did George want the biggest news for?

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Being human series one Episode four Another Fine Mess Quiz

1.How many different fashions does Mitchell go through on his walk? (bonus available if you can name them all.)

2.What was George asked last time he went out dressed as 'bar staff'?

3.What age does Mitchell guess Bernie's bullies of being?

4.What does Fleur offer Mitchell to drink?

5.Whose got a hangover?

6.What did Mitchell want to be when he was little?

7.What does Lauren want Mitchell to do?

8.How do Mitchell and George explain away looking at Annie?

9.What does Mitchell think of fans of Ace Ventura?

10.What was Fleur planning to watch?

11.What does Fleur describe the DVD contents as?

12.What does George suspect of being inside Chitty-chitty bang bang?

13.What does Mitchell get refused?

14.According to Nina what is the phrase “It's not you it's me.”

15.Owen notes one thing about the 'gift' left on the doorstep?

16.What word causes the light to come out?

17.What would have haunted George according to Nina?

18.Where did Mitchell and Herrick meat the soldier?

19.What does George believe the mob got wrong in the film?

20.According to Annie what was she before she even met Owen?

21.What does Nina say talking about death/greif at the hospital is?

22.Before agreeing to Mitchell and turning Bernie what does Fleur ask?

23.What doesn't Mitchell want from Bernie at the train station?

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being human series one episode six Bad Moon Rising Quiz

1.What were Seth Marco and their buddy talking about before they notice George?

2.What is Seth's name for George?

3.How does George explain Mitchell's lack of heart beat to Nina?

4.How does Annie describe the lack of a door on her return?

5.At what time did Mark come to Mitchell's bed side?

6.How long did Josie take lighting the wrong end of her cigarette?

7.What advice does Herrick give to George in the canteen?

8.What is Josie's surname?

9.Why doesn't Mitchell want a hug from Annie?

10.What term does Nina use when saying Georges secrets are affecting their relationship?

11.How does Herrick describe Mitchell's feeding from Josie?

12.What word does George get wrong when quoting Mark the Chaplin?

13.Apart from their names and what they were wearing what else does Mitchell remember about all his victims?

14.What does Nana do as she passes George?

15.What does Herrick do in preparation for going to fight Mitchell?

16.On her rescue mission to the funeral parlour how many vampires does Annie throw around?

17.When referring to Georges letter to Annie and Mitchell how many terms does Nina use and can you name them all?

18.Who's prophecy did Nina fulfil and what was it?

19.Originally how had George told Nina he received his scars?

20.After the night in the chamber what does Mitchell do when back at the Pink house?

21.How does Annie describe her increase in powers?

22.What does Kemp offer Owen for his corporation?

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