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Character Profile

Hal is a vampire and human sympathiser. Born in a brothel over 500 years ago, he was turned by an army surgeon after suffering serious injuries in the battle of orsha. An old one, Hal was a well respected member of the vampire community. 

Hal is clearly a fan of the supernatural trinity. His first experience of this setup took place over 100 years ago but after failing to keep **** ups to an absolute minimum the trinity didn't last long. 

It was in fact another trinity that brought him to Honolulu heights. Whilst living in Southend with Leo (werewolf) and pearl (ghost) Leo was told via radio (and eve) to visit Honolulu. After a series of unfortunate events such as Leo's death and pearl moving on with him Hal was taken in to keep the human race safe,  joining Tom and Annie.

After saving the world Annie moved on and Hal and Tom were joined by Alex, a love interest of Hals. 

We've had good Hal, bad Hal, and even human Hal over the last 2 series, and what an amazing addition to the show he has been! 

After centuries of battling his inner demons and fighting to stay good Hal appears to have finally won at the end of series 5 by becoming human and allowing himself to finally love again. 


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