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Character Profile

Tom is a werewolf turned by McNair as a baby and raised in the wilderness as a hardcore vampire slayer. 

We met Tom in series 3 when he and George came face to face whilst dragging a chicken on a string. An adolescent at heart (and in mind) Tom is a picture of innocence and thrives on the rules and regulations provided by his 'father' Michael McNair. 

After getting hospital treatment and having tests done by Nina, Tom discovered that McNair was not in fact his biological father but turned Tom when he had attacked his family whilst transformed. 

At the end of series 3 McNair was killed leaving Tom alone living in a van in the woods. He eventually joined Annie at Honolulu in series 4 and he and Hal build a budding bromance for the duration into series 5. 

Tom dreams of a normal human life, a family, a home and depending on what you think happened at the end of series 5 it would appear Tom got his happy ending. 


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