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Character Profile

George is all about opposites. He's a family man, but he's turned his back on his own. He loves Nina but so often pushes her away. And most of all he's kind, gentle and thoughtful. But when the full moon comes he's vicious, deadly and violent. Oh yes, George is certainly a man of opposites.

George was a regular, 'sweet but dull' guy before he was given 'the curse' on a holiday to Scotland. Whilst walking the moors he was approached by an American tourist, eventually getting distracted and becoming lost. It was then that night fell and the howling began. When the attack came it was quick and frightening. The tourist was found dead, ripped open from end to end. George was the lucky one, or so he thought. But when the next full moon came, his life was never to be the same again.

As a response to the monthly chaos, George used his life with Annie, Mitchell and Nina as a way of holding on tightly to normality. He would try anything just to get close to what others take for granted, and the more things slipped from his grasp the more he tried to pull them back. Order made him feel safe. But that order was obliterated by the death of his best friend Mitchell, the promise of new life in Nina’s pregnancy and the relentless dangers that face all he loved in Barry.

After Nina's death George was hell bent on protecting baby Eve and with a little persuation from Tom revenge soon took hold. George eventually lost his life after forcing a partial tranformation to save baby Eve and moved on to be with his Nina.



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