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Series 5 episode 1 The Trinity quiz


  1. Lady Catherine was surprised that there was what lacking when she came to assassinate Hal?


  2. How many lines are there on the chocolate that Alex fails to eat?


  3. What would be Alex's method of torture for Hal?


  4. What does Hal swear to behave on?


  5. According to Hetty what Rooks mum has what interesting blood type?


  6. What is Gavin doing to prove to Cram how smart he is?


  7. How does Alex help with the boys applications?


  8. What are Crams last human words?


  9. How did Emil die?


  10. What upsets Tom about the non existent Sauna?


  11. What scares Cram the most about his new self?


  12. What does Alex remark on after opening the door to the MiG's base?


  13. How does Cram think to alleviate his hunger at work?


  14. What was McNair's guide on to how to treat a Lady when they enter a room?


  15. How long have the Men in Grey been around according to Firth?


  16. Where was Alex's body found?


  17. How unsure is Alex about Cram's safety?


  18. What part of the ceremony does Hal remember?


  19. What does Cram know very well?


  20. What does Sophie spill on Captain Hatch?


  21. What does Axex want revenge on Rook for?


  22. What does Cram's boss promise to be in Rooks side?


  23. How does Patsy help Hal get ready for work?


  24. Sophie writes her warning with which hand?

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Series 5 episode 2 Sticks and Ropes quiz

1.What does Alex's brother think of the fairground?

2.Who has Shingles?

3.What hasn't Tom done when he smartens himself up for the competition?

4.How much did Patsy's flowers cost?

5.Oliver offers Alex the chance to play as which side in the conflict?

6.What slap worthy action do Hal and Tom commit?

7.How delicate can Crumb be?

8.When will Hal write up a CV for Tom?

9.After beating Tom at Tic Tac toe what is the next game everyone plays?

10.What award did Flaming Orc win?

11.What is Hal's objection to Alex advising him to read a paper at work?

12.What did Oliver’s Dad do?

13.What is Hatch's nick name for Hal?

14.What did Oliver's brother suffer from?

15.What do Alex and Oliver do at the fairground?

16.What word does Hatch obsess over?

17.What dose Crumb note that he has in conmen with Hal?

18.Where does the food fight start?

19.How is the real Albert different from the trap Albert?

20.What phrase was Hal hoping for from Tom after they are both let go?

21.What's the name of the Inn in Flaming Orc?

22.What colour is Alex's brothers school ties?

23.What is wrong with Hatch's first hankie?

24.What does Tom think of Alex's piano skills?

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Series 5 episode 3 Pies and Prejudice quiz

1.Who does Larry blame for his 'poor' performance?

2.What word does Tom demonstrate to Larry?

3.Who could Alex corrupt according to Hal?

4.What advantage does Alex see in Lady Mary's dress?

5.Larry doesn't follow which of Tully's rules?

6.Lady Mary instigates a fight at the club that was how far away from happening anyway?

7.What is going on in the middle toilet?

8.What does Tom notice when Larry is deciding whether to help him or not?

9.What is the title of Michael Fish's biography?

10.Can you name three ingredients to success pie?

11.What do we Know about Lady Mary's unfinished business?

12.Whose room are 'not so much a lady' Mary and Alex in when LM tells Alex she was his last Victim?

13.What is the greatest test of a teacher's work according to Hal?

14.Who does Rook call as someone to talk to?

15.How does Mary define Honolulu Heights?

16.What choice does Mary give Larry?

17.What happens if Mary doesn't like your shoes or face?

18.For how long had Larry been eavesdropping?

19.What does Hal say you should do when standing toe to toe with your inner monster?

20.How long does Rook give himself before blowing his brains out?

21.What according to Alex doesn't Tom realise?

22.What does Hal sound like according to Scary Mary?

23.Who does Mary plan to be now she's free?

24.What's the Lamp that Hal uses to kill Larry with?

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Series 5 episode 4 The Greater Good quiz

1.What's the date of the next full moon?

2.Rook has trouble with identifying what type of communication?

3.Who are/were Crumbs neighbours?

4.Tom's badge has his new rank on it but what does it say?

5.Why is Alex still in the house with Hal?

6.What is the proof of Rook's authority for Bobby?

7.What are Alan’s last words?

8.What flavours (of I'm guessing ice cream) are available in the Barry Grand?

9.When Hal decided to kill Sylvie's household going from bad to good, what level of thought did he put into it?

10.What is Alex's go to method of stopping Crumb trying anything on their date?

11.What was Bobby's mum's nickname for him?

12.What Government position is open for Rook now his department is closing down?

13.What mistakes has Hal been making according to Hatch?

14.How many cheeses are Ian's favourites?

15.What does Hatch suggest a werewolf could attack?

16.According to Hatch which nationality favours bottled beers?

17.What word mistake does Alex make when asking about Ian's favourite game?

18.What is the problem Tom identifies about the hotel cellar?

19.What does Hal use to lead Bobby upstairs away from and accident prone Ian?

20.What is different about the King in Rooks hand compared to the Queen and Knave?

21.What misquote does Ian say before planning to brain Hal?

22.When did Tom have Bobby's respepect?

23.What does bad Hal just after saying 'Crumb' to Ian?

24.What are Ian's last words?

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Series 5 episode 5 No Care All Responsibility quiz

1.What are the two ways the MiG's uniform has changed in the last fifteen years?

2.What is the chance that Hatch wasn't looking at Alex?

3.What does Alex throw to distract Rook and grab the file?

4.What is Tom's problem according to Captain Hatch?

5.What Job did Natasha 'miss' an interview for?

6.How long have the suicides been occurring at the Barry Grand?

7.What does Alex do to make Tom yell out to her?

8.How many rows of paper clips has Hal made?

9.Why didn’t Hal notice the mirror?

10.Where does Hal first want to bite Natasha?

11.What pet did Tom want when he was younger?

12.What is Alex's first guess on the words that were half rubbed off the wall?

13.In which bedside draw is the stashed wedding ring? (from the bed)

14.Why should Hal ask about the maid that died?

15.What breaks Hal's new resolve about leaving Natasha alone?

16.How long did Leo have board the windows for last time Hal detoxed?

17.What has changed Natasha's mind about the monsters?

18.What is Rook doing when Tom decides to go after Hal?

19.What is as tight as it gets?

20.How does Hatch get Natasha close enough to control?

21.When Natasha is dying what doesn't she want?

22.What finally sends Hal bad?

23.What does Alex ask just before Hatch reveals his identity?

24.What colour is the butterfly on Alex's grave?

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Series 5 episode 6 The Last Broadcast quiz

1.What is the only ball left on the table?

2.How long had the devil been bound in his prison according to his narration?

3.How does Alex say goodbye to her body?

4.What does Hal pause for?

5.What offer from Hal does Tom decline?

6.How does the Devil define humans?

7.Why does Hal kill his last recruit?

8.How many people jumped from the rooftop?

9.What is the devils plan so far as the Emergency Broadcast Codes are concerned?

10.What did the Devil think would happen when he got locked away?

11.What flags greet Alex in her dream?

12.Who was the first man Leo killed in the arena?

13.If Tom and Allison were to have a girl who would she be named after?

14.What was the last conversation that Alex had with her father?

15.What type of moment does Tom have before going to stake the Devil?

16.On waking up from a dream what does Hal say?

17.When does the Devil leave the French Lunatic in relation Rook taking the shot?

18.What was the official cause of Capitan Hatch's actions at the studio?

19.What according to bad Hal pretending to be good Hal is all it took to be human?

20.What is Hal unwilling to do for Hal and Alex?

21.How does the Devil give himself away?

22.After that Alex leaves before she what?

23.What is Alex's plan so far as food is concerned?

24.Hal cheated on the 'Antiques Road Show' game how?

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