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Being human series 4 episode 1 Eve of War Quiz




  1. What was done in New York to stop the Vampires unsuccessfully?


  2. Which vampire could be Diabetic?


  3. What could cost £50?


  4. What is Cutler keen to check on the quantity of?


  5. Despite what Tom got given what by McNair?


  6. Where are Annie's surviving relatives?


  7. What colour is Leo's hair-dryer?


  8. What are the plans for 'Splodges' first full moon?


  9. What does Pearl refuse Leo?


  10. What was used to hide the scent of Vampires?


  11. What is the Social workers name?


  12. When George denies Toms wish in rather blunt terms what does Tom say He isn't anyway?


  13. What is it that Griffin likes too much about his car?


  14. The Vampire babysitter has what around her neck?


  15. How many dreams were there?


  16. When 'interviewing' Dewi for the second time Tom apologises to who for what?


  17. How many of Future Werewolf's team died?


  18. Where is the ceremonial knife?


  19. Future Woman has what in common with Nina when she dies?


  20. How does George announce himself to the Vampires holding his daughter?


  21. When George makes Griffin feed what is the first thing Griffin loses?


  22. After going through the door George turns which way?


Additional due to Quiz repeat


  1. How many mugs of tea had Annie brought George?


  2. How does Hal describe a ghosts friends on earth?


  3. What does Regus compare the parchment to?


  4. What colour was Georges collar?

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Being human quiz.
Series 4 episode 2 being human 1955

1.Who does Satchmo look like through beer goggles?

2.How many Vampires (at least) has Tom secretly killed recently?

3.What is Annie's new commandment?

4.What is the first thing Leo has an opinion on when seeing Eve?

5.How many members of the focus group are there?

6.Which surprising occupation does Ferges think Cutler might have?

7.What colour is Hals handkerchief?

8.Where does Annie realise she's forgotten the rest of her notes?

9.What 'unforgivable slight' does Pearl give Annie?

10.What new skill does Pearl teach Annie?

11.What new ability does Hal suspect Annie has learnt?

12.What aren't long-Johns?

13.What are Hal's Big No's?

14.What colour is the stone in the centre of the ring?

15.What's the time Mr wolf?

16.After the fight where does the ring end up?

17.What is causing the lights to flicker?

18.How long has Leo kept the picture of the ring?

19.What does Annie take very seriously?

20.Killing Vampires has become what for Tom?

21.How do the dominoes fall?

22.Where does the shop owner end up?


1.What was wrong with the petrol stations?

2.Who wears their namesake?

3.Which long dead leader does Annie quote in her spell?

4.Whose door has the window?

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Series 4 episode 3 The Graveyard Shift quiz

1.Can you name all the 'named' Old Ones?

2.For Annie what new possibility might there be as a result of stealing?

3.What possibility gets Hal on board with cleaning the fat?

4.What is the potential danger for Regus seeing as Eve is still alive?

5.How many Sons did Fergus have?

6.What will Hal's procrastination give the customers?

7.Regus has a rather rare Vampire condition, what is it?

8.What did Dave not let 'Annie' finish all those years ago?

9.Which bin doesn't Hal fill up?

10.How many topless babes get thrown away?

11.Who are the examples of Nemesis?

12.Who does Annie stop Tom from describing?

13.How does Hal mess up with Names?

14.What colour was Hal's shield?

15.What proof does Hal Offer as to the fact he changed his mind about handing Tom over to the other Vampires?

16.What isn't Hal and what is he being?

17.What is the first proof of Annie for Michaela?

18.How does Regus retaliate and against who?

19.What does Hal go upstairs to do apart from change cloths?

20.What Has Hal's name on it?

21.Who kills the Vampire girl?

22.How many of the attacking Vampires were Regus's friends?

23.What gift offends Regus?

24.What is the vase?

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Series 4 episode 4 quiz A Spectre Calls

1.What colour is little Billy's football?

2.What has Annie put on the Rota that surprised Hal?

3.What does Hal find essential after his exercise?

4.What did Tom get as a present to go with a stake?

5.Before talking about cheese Tom had been what with the doctor?

6.How old was poor old Eleanor?

7.What show did Kirby say his 21st was based on?

8.What is Hal's version of “It's just my face”?

9.What is Hal wearing for breakfast?

10.For a smoker what is the coroner lacking?

11.What is off about Eve's crib?

12.Why does Annie think she's tired?

13.When Tom returns full of hope for a surprise birthday what does Annie accuse him of?

14.What is under Tom's stake?

15.What is Hal's excuse to for fighting with Tom?

16.What is the final straw for Hal when Kirby trashes his room?

17.Where does Kirby cower with Eve?

18.What was the name of Tom's arresting officer?

19.What does Cutler offer to be for Tom when he gives him his card?

20.What is it that Annie wanted when looking through GQ?

21.How did Kirby kill his victims?

22.What does Kirby think of himself and Honolulu Hights?

23.What is Kirby's list of things he could have earned?

24.What doesn't Tom know about candles on a cake?

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Series 4 episode 5 Hold the front page quiz

1.Who got caught in the chapel and with who?

2.Why isn't Adam the nemesis? (you can mess with the spelling to avoid modding.)

3.Can you give an example of sloppy alliteration?

4.What does Yvonne think of the supernatural explanation?

5.What colour is Cutlers fake claw handle?

6.How long before 'Layer Yvonne' is wanted in the judges chambers?

7.What was it wrong for Adam to touch?

8.What does Tom say can be trusted?

9.After being called transparent what is Tom's response?

10.What vidieo proofs apart from Tom's DVD does Pete have to prove vampires?

11.How many times has Annie mentioned the fact she could have been in a catalogue to Hal?

12.Which poet does Hal quote?

13.To be sure he's awake what does Hal require of Annie?

14.How was a demon described and by whom?

15.What does Tom correct about Adams territorial marking insult?

16.What personality traits did Adam usually look for in women?

17.How much does Annie suggest they silence Pete the reporter?

18.How old was Pete when the vampires killed his Mum?

19.Where did Adam follow the Blonde woman to?

20.Where was the monastery of the unfortunate monk?

21.What doesn't Yvonne want Tom to do?

22.What makes Yvonne tricking Adam OK in his book?

23.What is Annie in denial about?

24.What did Cutler type onto the computer?

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Series 4 episode 6 Puppy Love quiz

1.Allison has Stephen Hawking on her wall with which TV series quote?

2.The moment Allison turned off her Alarm was what according to Hal?

3.Where are you most likely to find werewolves?

4.Cutler is blaming what on a werewolf?

5.Annie is Eve's protector not?

6.Why did Allison lose the championship?

7.What didn't Tom and Allison do from Pitor?

8.Emrys is upset about the loss of how much?

9.For Allison what is out of the question now?

10.When Alex meets Hal how does he refer to being clean?

11.How does Tom protect himself from staking?

12.What does Hal make of Annie's advice to Tom?

13.Where was Allison attacked?

14.What is Annie's kissing rule?

15.What is Leslie doing when we first see her?

16.What is hanging in the cupboard?

17.Kane's constitution is that of a what?

18.Alex is concerned Tom and Hal Might what?

19.What is Allison's suggestion to Kane for a better reference?

20.How badly did it go for Wales?

21.Golda uses which dog slur she shouldn't have to Allison that Allison obeys?

22.What term does Allison used in hopes of calming Hal?

23.Emrys and Annie interrupt what?

24.What does Eve call Annie?

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Series 4 episode 7 Making History quiz

1.On what day was Cutler recruited?

2.How long ago does it feel for Cutler since he and Hal were together?

3.What is Hal's newspaper of choice?

4.What meal is Tom looking forwards to with Hal and Alex?

5.How did then Hal think of Cutlers squeamishness to killing?

6.What is it that Tom wants use instead of Duncan?

7.How many people ran to the docks when the vampires came??

8.What did Cutler think that Hal was before seeing him again?

9.What time is it that Henry intrudes on the Cutlers?

10.Who did Alex prefer to new/old Hal?

11.Alternate Tom did what in the end?

12.What had Eve forgotten about Annie?

13.Where did Annie guess Happened to Hal?

14.What did Tom suspect Hal of drinking?

15.What did drinking his wife's blood earn Cutler?

16.What is the difference between Rachel's body and Alex's?

17.What does Cutler not let Hal do?

18.What does Hal earn from Alex for his motivational speech?

19.In the end Annie is the what?

20.Apart from the whole throat ripped out thing what did Alex not like about herself?

21.What does Annie want to know most of all?

22.How does Cutler explain the police van?

23.What went wrong with Alex's first 'Rent a ghost'?

24.What is it that finialy gets the clubbers attention?

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Series 4 episode 8 The War Child quiz

1.When does the licence on Mr Snow's car end?

2.What can be life affirming unfinished business if you're Scottish?

3.When did Mr Snow last visit Britain?

4.How big is Mr Snow's TV?

5.What would you find happens to most things if you blow them up?

6.What rule did Tom pick up from McNair?

7.The day before they head off against the Old Ones is what?

8.What did Alex suspect the Men with sticks and ropes of being?

9.Though Tom can't call him a coward what can Tom call Milo?

10.What is the biggest thing Annie's ever Ret-A-Ghosted?

11.What could happen to Cutler if he attempts to harm Eve?

12.What upsets Alex about her spectral state?

13.How long does it take to clear away a body?

14.What type of van took Alex's body away?

15.Why does Hal put himself through the madding cycles of good and bad?

16.What alerts Annie to the fact that Tom's taken Eve?

17.What does the Vampire in red do when Hal arrives?

18.How many Vampires does Alex throw?

19.What isn't Hal?

20.What is the last voice heard by Eve before she dies?

21.What did Annie rarely do?

22.What's so cool about a teddy bear?

23.What does Mr Rook decline due to a prior engagement?

24.What is Hal's plan to delay his Detox?

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