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Topic: Play along Quiz

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Play along Quiz

Becoming human Quiz


Episode one


  1. What instrument is the girl playing and how is it different to the others?


  2. What's the first lesson for Adam?


  3. How does Christa describe her stalker?


  4. Mr Swan gets three fingers from Adam and Christa but who gives him what?


  5. How does Matt help Christa recognise him?


  6. What wolf sense does Christa demonstrate?


Episode two


  1. How do you not spell murderer?


  2. What does Matt spare from his acts of destruction?


  3. According to Matt what are the two problems with Steve McKenna?


Episode three


  1. How does Matt describe himself?


  2. What upsets Christa?


  3. How are the Comptons described?


Episode four


  1. What did Mother Comton do?


  2. What was Matt's issue with Brandy's plans if she'd caught him spying?


  3. What has Matt grown since Danny?


Episode five


  1. In relation to Christa where was the werewolf that attacked her?


  2. What experience does Christa offer to give Adam a second time?


  3. What does Johnny have?


Episode six


  1. What does an interest in Skiing earn Matt?


  2. Who doesn't Mr Swan like very much?


  3. What does Christa offer to lend to the investigation?


Episode seven


  1. What glamorous location does Christa normally use at this time of the month?


  2. If he doesn't find a way of the gym what does Christa think she'll do to Adam?


  3. How does Christa describe her morning get up?


Episode eight


  1. How many tapes do we see Roe steal?


  2. What does Matt throw at Roe?


  3. What colour is the door handle to Matt's door?

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