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Character Profile

As a vampire who loved humanity, John Mitchell was a torn man. Mitchell served as a leader of men in World War One, but a meeting with Herrick on the battlefield soon ended his human life and froze him in time as a vampire. From this moment his life became dominated by one thing - 'the thirst'. At first it was a game, running wild with Herrick, seducing, killing and 'drinking'. Make no mistake, Mitchell had done it all. As Herrick's right hand man, he experienced, and revelled in, a very dark past, with only Ivan coming anywhere near his legendary status in the vampire world.

But the sixties was the decade that changed it all. Mitchell's conscience began to return, tapping into his soul and fighting the blood lust for the first time in nearly 50 years.

It was a meeting with Josie that tipped the balance. As his one true love above all others, Josie saw no fear and instead showed Mitchell the route back to humanity. There was only one problem - Josie was human. And like all humans she aged, while Mitchell stayed the same, trapped in a body from the past. Although beautiful, their relationship was always doomed.

Those foundations laid by Josie have been encouraged by many others, including Carl and Dan who kept Mitchell cold turkey even on the night of the millennium, when all he wanted to do was join the party and 'drink'. But the connection that touched Mitchell deeper than any other is the bond with Annie and George. Through their chance meeting they showed Mitchell more humanity, and shared more problems as equals (and supernaturals), than any who came before them. First in Windsor Terrace and then in Honolulu Heights, they became an unbeatable team, with Mitchell's age and experience taking him naturally into the father role. But he was a troubled man with dark secrets - the kind that will get you in the end.


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